over / under PROGRAM

Over/Under Adult Programming

    The Over/Under Adult Performance of Eagles Performance Academy is to refine performance from over 100 yards and create excellence from within 100 yards of the hole. All designed to avoid the agony of shooting scores above your norm and the ecstasy and joy of increasing lowering your scoring ability.

    The monthly Clinic schedules will be selected from these general topics:

    Under 100 Yards

    • Distance Wedges
    • Pitching (10-30 yards)
    • Chipping (under 10 yards)
    • Bunker Play
    • Putting – Distance Control
    • Putting – Conversion Percentage Increases


    Over 100 Yards

    • Swing Performance and Efficiencies
    • Shot outcomes from 100-125 yards and 25 yard increments thereafter
    • Uneven lies
    • Recovery Shot Making
    • Playing Strategies
    • Playing the tee ball

    My passion is your game!

    Be sure to visit us often as our site is dynamic and will be continually updated.
    Watch for additional program offers to improve your game.

    Based out of Stewart Peninsula Golf Course, The Colony, TX