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Scott Robbins is a teaching professional that has been recognized by his peers multiple times for his dedication to teaching, coaching, and growing the game of golf. Scott is a member of the Quarter Century Club of the PGA of America for his over 30 years of service to his clients and the PGA. After all his years of playing and coaching, Scott has identified the Pillars of Performance of the games best players and has accumulated a team of affiliates to make you a better player. Utilized in his youth training Eagles Performance Academy and the adult Pillars of Performance Program, in person and remote access to Scott’s knowledge, experience and coaching is now available to you on multiple platforms. Scott believes this programming will make you  competent and comfortable to add to your fun playing golf.


Utilizing our trusted partners, we offer unique programming to accomplish your goals. From youth to professional, in person or online, Pillars of Performance and Eagles Performance Academy transports your game to the highest echelons.

Junior Performance Training
Creating great citizens and leaders through golf is the eagles performance academy theme. Creating high performance juniors, on and off the course, is our mission.
High School Coaches Performance Program
Eagle Performance Academy has put together a professionally designed, directed training protocols for your team, as well as execution analysis of practice and tournament performance. This program was created by Scott Robbins, a 30 year PGA golf professional of youth performance coaching.
Eagles Performance Program
Utilizing the game of Golf, Eagles Performance Academy provides the pathway to confident, self-sufficient and high self-esteem individuals through a guided pathway to self-discovery of hidden talents to achieve specific goals.


Thank You To Our Partners

Our 6 Core Beliefs

Are you ready to step it up?
Take a look into our six core beliefs Srg eagles performance academy will get your reality to meet your goals.

Core Belief #1

Sound fundamentals lead to repetitive execution

Core Belief #2

Focus on a professional game from thirty yards and in for fastest way to lower scores

Core Belief #3

Be imaginative in shot making and creativity around the greens

Core Belief #4

Produce with your strengths

Core Belief #5

Execute your best shots on the course

Core Belief #6

Develop outstanding citizens and leaders through junior golf

Client Reviews

Scott Robbins Thank you and all the coaches for what y’all do. Both boys sure do adore you guys and always look forward to going to golf.


- Hae-Won Shin Sultemeier -

Thank you so much for arranging golf on Sunday! Both Allie and Michael had a great time! Before we had even pulled out of the parking lot, my quiet souled Michael said, “I have never enjoyed golf so much! I have missed golf so much and enjoyed today so much.” You know Michael is often a man of few words...so for him to announce this truly showed us his elated heart! Thanks again! My kids are excited to golf with a coach on Thursday!

We appreciate you and the other coaches,


- Lisbeth Fay -

Hey Scott, this is Jerry Johnson. You worked with me about a month ago to help cure my shanks. It took me about 2 weeks of practicing what you told me but it is now working great and I am back in the low 80's again. Thanks so much!

Golf has gotten a lot more fun again. Now, thanks to you, I know what I need to fix when I hit a bad shot. I really love your teaching style. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an instructor.

Sorry to keep bugging you but I shot a 77 today! That is my best round in over a year. I am striking the ball very well and, if I do hit a bad shot, I go back through the steps you taught me to fix it! Oh, I forgot to add that I have added about 20 yards to my drives since I am hitting a baby draw with my driver instead of spraying it everywhere.


- Jerry Johnson -

As a dedicated coach, Scott has demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment, expertise, and care in his role as a junior golf coach. For over five years, Scott has been an integral part of our family, providing invaluable guidance and support to our two children in their golfing journey. Not only has he significantly enhanced their technical skills and overall game, but he has also been instrumental in developing their mental resilience during competitions. This unique focus on both the physical and psychological aspects of the sport sets Scott apart as an extraordinary coach. What truly distinguishes Scott is his genuine care for his players as individuals. He invests not only in their performance on the course but also in their personal growth and development. His mentorship extends beyond the game, impacting their character and instilling important life lessons.

Scott's assistance in navigating the college recruitment process was invaluable to our family. He provided thoughtful insights and invaluable advice, helping us make informed decisions. Additionally, his unwavering support during our daughter's transition to collegiate golf played a pivotal role in her successful adaptation to the new environment. Furthermore, I am delighted to share that our son, now a sophomore, has experienced remarkable progress under Scott's tutelage. His game has flourished, thanks to Scott's coaching and guidance. Scott's influence on our children's lives is immeasurable, and he has undoubtedly become an honorary member of our family.


- Lauraliisa Gudgeon -


What makes your program unique than others I see on the internet?

First of all, this is not strictly a “technique” space about what to do and hope that you’ll follow, learn and play better.  There is a technique aspect that we can help you with either in person or remotely.

What the Pillars of Performance Program does, whether your and adult or youth player, is bring together for you trusted partners whose products will improve your game – a place for them all to reside for coach and client mutual review and discussion; a partner for golf fitness and exercise; a partner for speed and distance enhancement; a partner for quick and permanent technique changes, playing strategies and playing evaluations with “next shot” solutions; and a partner for performance optimization for specific ways to practice and lower your scoring.

I live nowhere near you but I need you. How can I utilize your program?

The Pillars of Performance program is designed for you to utilize my partners remotely, post videos and questions in your own dedicated training space; and communicate with me through your training space and Zoom.  You will start by posting at least 5 rounds of golf during a two-week free access to one of our technologies.  From there, I will be able to communicate areas of your strengths and areas of opportunities to enhance your game.  That will get us started and away we will go.  Me guiding your training and you having more fun playing!

I have children who are really liking the game and I want to give them the best chance to succeed. We live nearby. How can we start?

We start with a “Free Look/Tryout.”  Your children will be invited to a skills appropriate weekend training session where they will interact with our current Eagles Performance Academy members, our coaches, and be introduced to how we coach.  This will give you and your players a chance to experience us and decide if this will help achieve your and your player’s goals.  Then we as a team (Coach, Players, Parents) will sit down and outline what training will look like, our expectations and what we can help your player accomplish.

I really like what I see but my children are just beginning to play. Do you have programming for them?

Absolutely!  We have structured our introductory phase of programming to reflect a semblance to other introductory sports leagues.  We will train the skills for a season.  Halfway into that season, we will take their new golf skills onto the field of play (the golf course) where they will play with a partner in a format that takes stress of performance away and teaches sportsmanship, team play, scoring and light competition.  We utilize PGA Jr League Golf as our platform and always have an in-house league where these budding golfers get to know all the players involved, not only on their team, but the whole league.    We offer 3 leagues a year (Spring – 12 weeks; Summer and Fall – 8 weeks each).  From there, we guide you through entering individual tournaments and grow the player into a Pillar of Performance.

I have been taking lessons for years and my skills have gotten better. But I don’t seem to improve on the course. Will this help me?

Undoubtedly.  You’re one of our biggest success stories. Players like you that have reliable, repeatable skill sets benefit greatly from this training.  We will get an initial snapshot of your game during an introductory free two week period  with one of our trusted partners to see your strengths and where your opportunities lie for better performance.  From there, the program becomes a directed and corroborative effort between you and I to enhance your fitness, speed, mental understanding and performance and performance optimization to lower scores and enjoy the game more.  This will make you a better player.

I am a good player. I seem to bounce form really good scores to so-so scores (nothing terrible). I practice a lot and it doesn’t seem to alleviate this variety of results. Can you help?

This is designed with you in mind.  Good and great (Youth/High School/ College/Amateur/Professional) players can highly benefit from this program!  We will, together, build a plan for you that is simple and efficient in action and time that will organize you maintain and improve your physical plant; maintain and improve your speed; approach the game from a radically different mindset and quantify your strengths on the course and your opportunities to gain strokes on your scores and opponents.  This team of trusted experts under my guidance will smooth out the valleys and maintain the peaks.

My child is a good player and has been taking lessons and improving under his current coaching. But he hasn’t cracked the scoring barriers that he wants to get to the next level of competition. He and his coach love all the numbers he sees on the technology but can’t seem to “get it to the course.” I am looking for a solution.

You have found it!  Once a player at any level has gained the skills to play consistent, good golf, it is no longer about skills learning.  It’s about application through trust.  Our systems we have in place, through our trusted partners, allows me to show my players how to access their peak performances on a consistent basis.  We have the tools to evaluate your player beyond the “fairways, greens, up and downs, and putts per round” that will build their confidence in their strengths, tools to meet their opportunities and mindset training that will having them performing at the levels they can.  As long as they trust and operate the process.

I am an older adult who still loves to play the game and practice. I’m too old to change my game but I want to play better. Does your program help me?

Enjoyment in anything, in my opinion, is knowing your strengths and opportunities to get better.  This program does just that!  We assess your physical abilities; provide equipment and drills to rebuild your speed; clarify your thinking to allow you to trust what you’ve done well for so many years; and evaluate where your opportunity lies.  Practice becomes less time consuming and is directed for better scoring and enjoyment of the game.


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