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At Junior, Club, Amateuer, and Professional Levels Will Show You How To….


Bringing together trusted partners to provide you the formula to use your skills, drive your fitness training towards better golf, increase your swing speed and distance, utilize the mental methods winning tournaments on major professional tours, and the simplest and most proficient method of performance optimization, your Coach will guide you to MASTER YOUR GAME!

Embark on your golf journey like never before with the Pillars of Performance Online Coaching program. Crafted by PGA Professional Scott Robbins, this comprehensive program is your gateway to becoming a better player. Period. Elevate every aspect of your game with our carefully selected partners, curated modules and personalized coaching.


Initial Video Analysis

  • Upload:
    • Two (2) videos of you puting,
    • Two (2) of you chipping,
    • Two (2) of your full swing
    • Instructions on how to video once you register
  • Analysis of puting, chipping, and full swing posted within your personal Training Space within 48 hours

Value: $200

One year of Fitness workouts

  • Performance Fitness Account created upon registration
  • Initial self-assessment your choice of a quick or detailed assessment
  • Twelve (12) months of personalized, regularly scheduled fitness routines

Value: $480

Speed equipment (including speed workouts/drills)

  • Equipment ordered upon registration
  • Directly shipped to you from manufacturer
  • Upon receiving, create baseline speed appraisal, posted in your personal Training Space
  • Free Speed Drills and Exercises
  • Speed equipment is yours for continual and future use
  • Each MPH speed increase gains you three yards of carry

Value: $338

Mental Performance Video series

  • Mental Performance full video series ordered upon your registration
  • Login and password emailed directly to you
  • Free book (as long as address provided at registration)
  • Updates/postings in Pillars of Performance Group Space
  • Mental Performance videos remain yours for constant reference

Value: $249

Quarterly Performance analysis (minimum 5 rounds, no maximum)

  • Performance analysis of your rounds of golf
  • Recorded manually or via GPS option
  • Analysis of your best performances and your best opportunities
  • Simplified, efficient practice directives with built in improvement goals

Value: $250

Discussion Documents and Suggested Action Documents

  • Recap of your rounds posted
  • Review of your strengths
  • Identify three (3) of your best opportunities for Performance improvement
  • Zoom/Google Meet discussion with Coach Scott
  • Suggested actions to improve on course performance with set goals

Value: $800

Access to Pillars of Performance Videos and Updates on CoachNow

  • Technique – Videos on technique changes and specialized golf shots
  • Fitness – additional fitness routines and guidelines
  • Speed – additional videos and posts on speed increases and creating longer drives
  • ZMental – additional posts of updates and high performing athletes thoughts/quotes
  • Performance Optimization – Discussions/Videos of seƫng up practices, recording performances
  • Quarterly Master Instructor Updates/Performance enhancers
  • Quarterly Master Instructor directed Video - $150

Value: $600

For Tournament Players: Performance Scheduling

  • Detailed documentation
  • Using your schedule of tournaments
  • Scheduled timing for when to utilize all Pillars
  • Ramp up to peak performance at tournament time

Value: $250 annually

Inaugurating Performance Success Full Access Performance
Year of personalized directed Fitness workouts No Yes
Initial Swing evaluation Yes Yes
Add Annual Fitness Workouts No Yes
Speed equipment including speed drills Yes Yes
Baseline measurements Yes Yes
Quarterly updated measurements Yes Yes
Quarterly evaluations of Driver through Performance Optimization analysis Yes Yes
Self-paced Mental Performance Videos with updates Yes Yes
Performance analysis for 3 months (minimum 5 rounds, no maximum) Yes Yes
Performance analysis review Yes Yes
Performance analysis suggested action Yes Yes
Access to Pillars of Performance Videos and Updates on Coach Now Yes Yes
Videos for each Pillar Yes Yes
Notes and updates on all Pillars Yes Yes
Mental Performance Videos Yes Yes
Series of Videos designed to guide you to creating zone experiences more often. Yes Yes
Updated postings as available in Pillars of Performance Group Space No Yes
Quarterly video analysis directed by Coach No Yes
Performance Optimization for one year No Yes
Quarterly analysis of on course performance No Yes
Quarterly analysis of opportunities to improve scoring No Yes
Quarterly online discussion with Coach No Yes




  • Inaugurating Performance Success Coaching for 3 months
  • Subsequent Months - $249/month
  • Continue your improvement journey with ongoing monthly access.



  • Full Access Performance
  • Optimization Coaching Plan Paid Monthly
  • No Commitment. Cancel Anytime.


ANNUALLY: $2,299

  • Commit to a year of comprehensive coaching at a discounted rate.
  • Get Full Year Access to Performance
  • Optimization Coaching Plan
  • SAVE: $700

Welcome to Scott Robbins Golf

Scott Robbins is a teaching professional that has been recognized by his peers multiple times for his dedication to teaching, coaching, and growing the game of golf. Scott is a member of the Quarter Century Club of the PGA of America for his over 30 years of service to his clients and the PGA. After all his years of playing and coaching, Scott has identified the Pillars of Performance of the games best players and has accumulated a team of affiliates to make you a better player. Utilized in his youth training Eagles Performance Academy and the adult Pillars of Performance Program, in person and remote access to Scott’s knowledge, experience and coaching is now available to you on multiple platforms. Scott believes this programming will make you  competent and comfortable to add to your fun playing golf.

Client Reviews

Scott Robbins Thank you and all the coaches for what y’all do. Both boys sure do adore you guys and always look forward to going to golf.


- Hae-Won Shin Sultemeier -

Thank you so much for arranging golf on Sunday! Both Allie and Michael had a great time! Before we had even pulled out of the parking lot, my quiet souled Michael said, “I have never enjoyed golf so much! I have missed golf so much and enjoyed today so much.” You know Michael is often a man of few for him to announce this truly showed us his elated heart! Thanks again! My kids are excited to golf with a coach on Thursday!

We appreciate you and the other coaches,


- Lisbeth Fay -

Hey Scott, this is Jerry Johnson. You worked with me about a month ago to help cure my shanks. It took me about 2 weeks of practicing what you told me but it is now working great and I am back in the low 80's again. Thanks so much!

Golf has gotten a lot more fun again. Now, thanks to you, I know what I need to fix when I hit a bad shot. I really love your teaching style. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an instructor.

Sorry to keep bugging you but I shot a 77 today! That is my best round in over a year. I am striking the ball very well and, if I do hit a bad shot, I go back through the steps you taught me to fix it! Oh, I forgot to add that I have added about 20 yards to my drives since I am hitting a baby draw with my driver instead of spraying it everywhere.


- Jerry Johnson -

As a dedicated coach, Scott has demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment, expertise, and care in his role as a junior golf coach. For over five years, Scott has been an integral part of our family, providing invaluable guidance and support to our two children in their golfing journey. Not only has he significantly enhanced their technical skills and overall game, but he has also been instrumental in developing their mental resilience during competitions. This unique focus on both the physical and psychological aspects of the sport sets Scott apart as an extraordinary coach. What truly distinguishes Scott is his genuine care for his players as individuals. He invests not only in their performance on the course but also in their personal growth and development. His mentorship extends beyond the game, impacting their character and instilling important life lessons.

Scott's assistance in navigating the college recruitment process was invaluable to our family. He provided thoughtful insights and invaluable advice, helping us make informed decisions. Additionally, his unwavering support during our daughter's transition to collegiate golf played a pivotal role in her successful adaptation to the new environment. Furthermore, I am delighted to share that our son, now a sophomore, has experienced remarkable progress under Scott's tutelage. His game has flourished, thanks to Scott's coaching and guidance. Scott's influence on our children's lives is immeasurable, and he has undoubtedly become an honorary member of our family.


- Lauraliisa Gudgeon -

Seize the opportunity to become the player you’ve always aspired to be

Enroll in the Pillars of Performance program that suits you best and let Scott Robbins guide you towards your greatest golf ever!

Skills enhancement


Speed enhancement

Mental training

Performance Optimization

Unlike other online programs on YouTube, Facebook, etc., Pillars of Performance is not about improving a skill set but becoming the best player you can be with your own sets of abilities.  Yet, if you think you need skills enhancements, seek those out anyway you choose.  But to utilize those new proficiencies, you still need to apply them to compete better.  And that’s where Scott’s accumulated expertise, now outlined for you in Pillars of Performance, will have you hit shots like you’ve never executed before and perform like you never thought you could.