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I Have Never PlayedLearn More About White Hat Level

Had experience but limited on courseLearn More About White Hat Level

Experienced, playing 9 hole tournaments – Learn More About White Hat Level

Experienced, playing 18 hole introductory eventsLearn More About Blue Hats

Experienced played multiple 18 hole events – Learn More About JV

Experienced winner wanting to compete at higher levels – Learn More About Varsity

White Hat

Let us introduce your child into golf in the fun and professional way

Utilizing PGA Jr League, we incorporate standards of introductory sports. Weeks of skills training filled by continual skills training and Game Days to apply the skills to the sport.

We utilize games, drills and simple explanations that creates excitement to join us.  Our pathways to success utilizing our proprietary benchmarking system will guide them on a journey to the course and competition.  Each parent and child that becomes a member of Eagles Performance Academy gains access not only to these Benchmarks but to organized, detailed practice sessions they can do on their own to accelerate their skills acquisition.

Blue Hat

Successful conversion to the golf course

Once a member is actively pursuing acquiring their skills, we introduce more Benchmarks designed to refine playing the game on the course as well as scoring challenges to coach them to competitive scoring.

Out with the angst and in with the joy of competition

Is your junior golfer already playing 9 hole events? Are they having fun? Competing? Have a formula to know where they need to compete? Eagles Performance Academy’s tournament formula starts here and guides the parent and player all the way through junior golf competition. We create an atmosphere of controlled discomfort, keeping them involved with competition that will challenge them, accelerate them to the next level when they are ready and restart the cycle.


How to transition to high school golf

As the player continues to polish their skills, the Benchmarks, performance goals, and coaching prepare them for life as a high school athlete. Academics, Sports, Social balances become an important part of their training.

The highly selective process ensures that we create a team atmosphere of coaching and improvement, competition within the ranks and creates comfort and preparation for high school and comparable competitions. We accept only those eager to listen, learn and apply the methods we use to create well prepared and successful high school golfers.


The quest to be your best

The Varsity player has moved through the Benchmarks established that has them competing at the highest level of high school competition. Success in local, regional, and national junior golf competition is a requirement for membership. The goal is to proceed and become not only competitive as a player but a winner at all levels. Acceptance into this level requires desire to compete at these levels and pursue a collegiate career.

Can they remove the agony from tournament play?

Do you feel like all the time and effort your child puts into the game and especially the money you’ve invested that more times than not, you (and your player) can’t understand why they can’t compete?

We have found through research, resources and relationships, solutions that our team has developed into a proven track for our players to understand how to embrace and handle tournament stress.

Does your player know how to train to compete?

Does your player train for a sprint and then go compete in a marathon? It is that hedonistic cycle of chasing the perfect swing, shot, round to play? Cram in those last training hours before a tournament and then turn around and can’t find anything on tournament day?

We have changed that. Our players know what to do. Videos, drills, organized, purposeful practices coupled with proper planning for tournament course and day lead to stress free and competitive performances. Proper evaluation tools in practice and post round elevate the players self-value and mental skills sets.

Never turn a mistake into a disaster.

What really creates the miserable performances? Does your player know how to stem the tide? Know how to rigorously evaluate shots during tournament rounds? Have a formula to limit the damage?

Is your child drowning in “Swing Prison?”

I know how they feel. I felt the same way from junior golf to collegiate play to professional. Whenever I did not play well, I always looked at my swing. Hit more balls.

Until I found the solution. And only a few short years ago. The immediate results were stunning. And now we use it with our players in Eagles Performance Academy.

We know we are not for everyone. If you are playing or wanting to play on a high school team just to get out of school early, not have to go to regular gym class and can’t wait for that day’s school practice to be over, then WE ARE NOT for you.

If you burn with desire to perform your best, push your limits, learn all you can to be a great player with a chance to play collegiately then:

Eagles Performance Program

Mission Statement:
Utilizing the game of Golf, Eagles Performance Academy provides the pathway to confident, self-sufficient and high self-esteem individuals through a guided pathway to self-discovery of hidden talents to achieve specific goals.


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