Our program will Improve your Team. PERIOD.

Pillars of Performance, a complete approach to improving your golf team, is designed by PGA Professional Scott Robbins, who has dedicated the last 30 plus years to teaching and coaching the great game to a variety of clients from beginners to clients who have played in Major Championships.

Pillars of Performance embraces the elements of the game that can make your team more well-rounded, confident, and competitive players.  Want to help your team to play better in Districts and qualify for Regional and that dream of State? Help your players build that resume to get recruited to play collegiate golf, by providing them the formula that collegiate coaches will embrace?  Pillars of Performance will help you provide the path for your players to achieve their dream.


  • Mental acuity and reliability
  • Performance Optimization through analysis and focused opportunities

The Pillars of Performance is a highly organized, coached, and guided program from Scott Robbins Golf utilizing his over 30 years of experience and accumulated knowledge and relationships to provide any golfer a dedicated path to better practice and on course performances.

Skills enhancement


Speed enhancement

Mental training

Performance Optimization

This is not a skills development program.  But once a player has effective skills to even qualify for your team, what is going to push their performance levels?  As a golf professional coach, I continue to refine, modify and enhance high school players skills set.  And if you have players that need continued skill sets sharpening, by all means, encourage it!  But to utilize those new proficiencies, they still need to apply them to compete better.  And that’s where Scott’s accumulated expertise, now outlined for you in Pillars of Performance, will have them playing shots like they’ve never done before and performing like you never thought they could.